WHEN: June 3-4, 2022 WHERE: Joe Goode Annex, SF

Monsoon Dance Company presents “Shifting Boundaries”, featuring new work that focuses on expanding the roots of Kathak to discover new movement language and aesthetics. This work has its genesis from the mind-body debates that emerged in the practice of specific Kathak concepts. The quest is to inquire and expand the boundaries of Kathak in a contemporary context.
What emerges from this inquiry is the importance of living now; between soaring outwards and reflecting in the moment of stillness, allowing a new voice to emerge over the virtuosic nature of the movement.

Concept & Choreography:
Karishma Sharma, Artistic Director, Monsoon Dance Company

Karishma Sharma, Ruchi Gupta, Coli Mangroo, Khushboo Shah

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