Dance Programs

Curriculum for 2019-2020

Technique Intensive Session – Fall 2019

This session will focus on building dance technique, form, musicality and coordination thus building the key blocks of a dance foundation. 

Students will be also learn choreographed routines based on cultural themes, stories and props. 

This session is the foundation toward preparing students’ dance skills for our recital in May 2019. Students who completed this session will perform dances learnt in Fall 2019 and Winter 2020.

Performance Session – Winter/Spring 2020

The performance session is built on top of the Technique session from Fall of the previous year. 

Refinement of group choreography, spatial awareness, individual development of expressions will be the key areas that students will work on. 

We work hard to instill self confidence and comfort in our students to perform on stage. And most important of all – pure joy.

kathak - programs


Designed for kids and adults, this class focuses on providing the foundation of classical Kathak by developing proper alignment, balance and flexibility and the skills to communicate through movement in an expressive and artistic way.

contemporary - program


The class evolves to the learning of original choreography, broken down and demonstrated for clear understanding. Designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student this class will improve your quality of movement and performance.

bollywood - program


Experience the joy of dance and fitness combined, pure Bollywood style in an encouraging and supportive environment!

workshops - program


Every few months we offer specialised dance workshops by seasoned instructors and choreographers for our youth and adults to expose them to different dance genres and build on their vocabulary of movement.

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